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With several hundred references selected over the years, La Cave du Clown has one guiding principle: far from a viticulture mostly subjected to the imperatives of the modern food industry, to promote wines made without artifice, wines that are artisanal and natural, crafted with respect to man and to nature.

At the heart of the Jura, the terroir of Arbois and the village of Pupillin

Sealed with authenticity, the cuvées from Domaine de La Renardière

The wine-growing region of Aveyron

Fer Servadou red wines from Nicolas Carmarans

In the heart of Sardinia

Cuvées from Domaine Panevino

“Georgian-style” wines from Saint-Joseph

The Madloba cuvées from Domaine des Miquettes

Pioneering Catalonia

On Catalan soil, the revival of Spanish viticulture


Land of châteaux and wines!

Anjou 'blanc' and Anjou 'noir'

Two distinctive terroirs within Anjou

Our producers,

at the root of it all

La Cave du Clown’s selection promotes natural wines by defending winemakers who have chosen a form of viticulture that respects an authentic notion of terroir: healthy, ripe grapes; farming that eschews all chemical and synthetic inputs, and respects the soil, the vines and biodiversity; vinifications using solely ambient yeasts and bacteria; zero or very low dosage of sulphites; and no oenological treatments or pharmacopeia. With vines whose roots dig deep into their living, healthy soils, thus drawing up the minerals and organic matter specific to their terroir, these winemakers craft authentic, characterful wines.

Wine of the moment

Sicily, the volcanic terroir of Etna

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