Italian Island Wines

Italy, the world's largest wine-producing country, has managed to retain a large part of its endemic grape varieties through the diversity of its vineyards. This is undoubtedly an essential parameter in the original style of Italian wines, in relation to diverse terroirs and practices specific to each region, subject of course to respectful farming of the soil and the vine.

Its Mediterranean islands, with their unique history and culture, offer a fine example of a preserved wine heritage. There Sicily, the largest Mediterranean island, stands out in particular with the incomparable volcanic viticultural region of Etna and its native grape varieties cultivated by strong personalities such as Frank Cornelissen or Davide Bentivegna (Etnella).

Past Sicily, is the small island of Pantelleria, with its volcanic soil and the Zibibbo grape variety, magnificently vinified by Gabrio Bini.

Sardinia is rich in many local grape varieties, often forgotten but highlighted by a few exacting producers such as Gianfranco Manca (Panevino), an exceptional winemaker, or the emblematic Columbu family.

Terroirs and winegrowers that invite you on a trip to the Mediterranean and testify to the singularly lively and exciting character of Italian winemaking.

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