Living Wines

In perfect harmony with our philosophy, the notion of “natural” wine is taking an increasingly important place both in the practices of winegrowers and in the choices of consumers.

For winegrowers, the notion of “nature” stems from the idea that wine is not a simple “artifact”: for humans it represents food and a source of pleasure.

This concept results from the choice of an agriculture that adapts to ecosystems, as opposed to an agri-food industry that wants to adapt ecosystems. Concretely: a desire to stand out from methods of viticulture and winemaking which multiply interventions and treatments at all stages of viticulture and winemaking and come to modify – and therefore denature – the subtle and complex biochemistry of a wine. Contrary to the industrial conception of winemaking which advocates chemical fertilizers, pesticides, "selected" yeasts and bacteria, chaptalization sugar, sulphur, acidifiers and others, natural wineking is about respecting and elevating the living thing that wine is.

For consumers, natural wine is of course a quest for taste, but by freeing ourselves from the fixed stereotypes of conventional wines to open up to the changing diversity of expressions – singularity of the terroir, specificity of the vintage, “signature” of the winegrower –, we experience new sensations, and discover new tastes. Wines that are digestible, that don't hurt your stomach or your head, and that don't harm biodiversity... Therefore, to taste a “natural” wine is to understand its own requirements and personality in order to optimize its pleasure. An approach that requires understanding, for example, the “reductive" note induced by a winemaker's desire to avoid oxidation without resorting to sulphur, and therefore requires aerating the wine in the glass to develop its subtleties. Or the unique tannic profile of a skin-contact white (“orange” wine, vinified like a red) to appreciate its intensity and depth. Or the aromatic complexity of a Beaujolais devoid of the banal taste of banana or Tagada strawberry...

In short, the quest for “natural” wines is that of living products that are good for the taste, for the body and for the mind!