Vinel.lo VN rouge 2015 (Magnum)

Vinel.lo VN rouge 2015 (Magnum)

Vinel.lo VN rouge 2015 (Magnum)

Celler Partida Creus

Appellation Vin d'Espagne

Millésime 2015

Région Catalogne, Espagne

Style Rouge

Cépage Divers cépages autochtones

Flaconnage 150cl

Italian architects long since settled in Catalonia, it was in 2001 that Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerosa decided to move towards a life and livelihood that brought them closer to nature. Situated in the heart of Bas-Penedès, their domain is progressively made up of parcels of old vines with local, often forgotten, varieties. Produced in a totally natural manner, their wines are distinguished by their often "earthy", authentic and drinkable quality.

Grenache, Sumoll, Trepat, Samsó, Garrut among others: the list of varietals going into Vinel.lo rouge is long, conferring its notes of ripe fruit and lively nature with a truly personal style. Requires decanting for maximum aeration.

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